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Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers

Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers


How to register for the MTAC Baroque/Classic Festival, Nov. 22, 2020


The online Baroque/Classic Festival, which is open to member and non-member teachers, will be held on November 22, 2020.  Repertoire must be memorized and the recordings must be submitted by November 12. There is a $5 entry fee per student, which will be used for award ribbons and covering the mailing expenses.  Ribbons will be mailed by Peggy Nance after the actual YouTube performance.

Memorized repertoire should be from the musical periods of Baroque and Classic, as defined in the CM syllabus, essentially from 1600 to 1830.  If in doubt, inquire by email, which is stated below.  Include in your entry: performer’s name, age, CM level or equivalent, teacher’s name, exact title of the piece including opus numbers and keys, composer’s name, and accompanist’s name, if applicable.

Email recordings (separate video for each student) to with the subject line “November 22 Festival submission.”  Use Google Drive or Dropbox preferably, and only in .MOVor mp4 format.

Mail entry fees of $5 per student to Peggy Nance, 4700 Sullivan Way, Santa Rosa 95409 

Use your phone or IPad to record and do not place it directly on the piano.  Choose a time of day when the lighting is good and make sure the background is attractive and uncluttered.  Include the head, torso, arms, and hands on the keyboard, with no book or score on the piano rack.  Dress in concert attire as if in live performance, and smile and nod after finishing as if there were real people out there!  Which there will be!!

Students, parents, and teachers will be notified when and how to access the link to the YouTube performance on November 22             

Feel free to email for more