Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers

Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers


Certificate of Merit®

Certificate of Merit® program—Deadline for submitting recordings is February 6, 2024.

Certificate of Merit® provides a standard curriculum for piano, voice, strings, harp, and winds, with carefully defined levels to demonstrate proficiency in performance and musical knowledge.  CM is open to adults as well as pre-college students. 

Each instrument has a syllabus, available through the State MTAC, which outlines in detail the elements of proficiency that must be met.  For each of 10 (or 11) levels, the syllabus outlines requirements for performance, technique, theory, sight reading, and ear training.  Performance and technique are heard in a private evaluation with written feedback and ratings, and certificates are awarded.

Students can be eligible for extra recognition in branch honors, state honors, performance at the state convention, and a senior award for high school graduation in the program.

CM will be administered by the state MTAC and will be entirely online.  

 Peggy Nance ( is the chair for the branch and can try to answer any questions you may have about the program and the process.