Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers

Music Lessons in Sonoma County—-MTAC Teachers


Financial help for lesson fees

Ken Fisher Scholarship Fund


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The Fisher Scholarship Fund provides for private study on a musical instrument or voice to motivate young people whose families are financially unable to provide such lessons.  As funds become available, it is offered to dedicated students who are committed to learning music and to working conscientiously toward achieving that goal.

Providing aid for music lessons is regarded as a 3-way partnership involving the family, the teacher, and the Ken Fisher Fund.  The Scholarship provides 25% of the cost of one lesson per week for a maximum of 36 lessons during the school year, September through June.  The teacher agrees to provide a 25% discount in fees, and the family pays 50% of lesson fees.

Parents are asked to complete a brief questionnaire regarding their financial situation.  If the family needs more than 50% assistance, written verification of monthly income must be provided, such as pay stubs, income tax return, or AFCD form.

Application is initiated jointly by the teacher and by the student and parent.  The teacher writes a letter on behalf of the student’s dedication to learning, and is encouraged to include an opinion of the authenticity of financial need.  The teacher must also provide an estimate of the total lesson fees required for the school year.  The student must write a letter stating what music lessons mean to him or her, including willingness to practice regularly.  Included in the parent questionnaire is space for the parent to write a letter explaining why they are applying.

The student must have daily access to a practice instrument and be willing to fulfill the teacher’s study requirements.  Regular practice and attendance at lessons is expected; 2 missed lessons per year are permissible.  More than that will require special explanation.

Performance requirements are as follows: participation in MTAC Certificate of Merit evaluations, OR 2 public recitals, such as MTA Festival or recital, performance at church or a retirement home, or playing piano in an ensemble.

The teacher will forward all materials in one mailing (scanning and emailing is also fine) to the Ken Fisher Scholarship Committee, c/o Carol Schindler, 21 Benjamin Lane, Petaluma, 94952.  The scholarship committee will evaluate the applications in mid October and make a recommendation to the branch board for approval.

A progress report should be submitted by the teacher to the committee in January regarding the student’s attendance and progress.  Lack of involvement during the school year is grounds for a month-by-month review for the remainder of the school year.  The committee should be notified by the teacher of the student’s CM results as soon as they are available in spring of 2023.  Review of any performances should be submitted within in a month of the performance.

Teacher will submit invoices in January and June to the Treasurer for reimbursement for actual hours taught in fall (Sept-Dec) and spring (Jan-June).  2 payments will be made for the year.

At the end of the year, teacher and student should write a review of the year’s learning experience and send it to the committee.